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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  April 16, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> geraldo: welcome to the show, everybody. i'm geraldo rivera and monday is tax day and the movement that put the relationship between strained taxpayers and the government spenders who love them on the map hit the road today and took aim squarely at the men in the white house. >> we out to pay tribute to you today on this tax day, tea party because really he is the inspiration for why it is that we are here today. the tea party movement wouldn't
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exist without barack obama. >> whether you like it or not, george bush gave us obama and i'm not happy about it. we have a disaster on our hands. we have a man right now that almost certainly will go down as the worst president in the history of the united states. >> geraldo: with the normally reliable gallup poll showing the president's approval rating tying an all-time low of 41%, it is game on for the 2012 race. with a fall, fair and balanced coverage of today's tea parties across this nation at the bottom of the hour. but up front tonight, this is a fox news extreme weather alert. after striking the midwest, a powerful series of storms has been savegeing the south all day today with tornadoes, powerful winds and driving rains. in all, at least 20 are dead in five different states. the latest victims this afternoon, north carolina. it began thursday in oklahoma where two died and 25 more were
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hurt. >> two girls laying underneath the chair and entertainment center and. >> bill: an billy and logan were underneath the. >> it was bad. >> we went to the cellar and 45 minutes later we heard the train noise. the scariest part of it was the pressure. it was like all of a sudden a vacuum sucked all of the air. you couldn't breathe in the cellar. it was scary. >> geraldo: a mother and two of her children are among the dead in alabama. >> something hit me and broke the ribs. five broke ribs and a few stitches on the top of the head. other than that i'm ready to go. >> geraldo: three children and four adults are dead in arkansas. >> you get used to this, me and my wife, we was holding on for
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awhile. a straight line wind. i had them before but this was -- i don't know, it had to be he pretty 80 to 100-mile an hour wind probably. >> geraldo: here in new york city right now, a live shot up sixth avenue toward radio city music hall. the weather continues to be rotten. heavy rains and high winds. maria is in it the extreme weather center with news on where the severe stuff is now. >> it is still on the move. we are still tracking some storms. the worse is the over, though, for north carolina so that is at least a little bit of improvement in the weather conditions throughout. you can see the center of sick circulation across the great lakes region. ahead of it the thunderstorms rolling through the northeast. we still have one tornado watch in effect across parts of southeastern pennsylvania until 11:00 p.m. eastern time. it has shrunk in size over the past several hours as the storms have pushed on eastward and that is all in advance of our advancing cold front. so all of this moisture ahead
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of it is what is firing up the storms and much warmer air is what is helping fuel them and continue to move eastward. you can see the line of storms approaching philadelphia. the worst of it over for north carolina. we still do have one tornado warning across eastern, north carolina, for northern dare county and eastern high he county. you need to seek shelter immediately if you do live in one of these two counties. the cell is moving rapidly to the northeast at 55 miles per hour. y is night time now and you can't see a tornado so it is important if a warning is issued for your county, seek shelter immediately. go to the basement. if you don't have a basement try to get to the inner most part of your home away from windows, a small bathroom or a closet is useful for even pillows to wraparound your body. otherwise severe thunderstorm warning to the west of philadelphia and this line of storms, geraldo, can produce wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour and even large sized hail. is equally as dangerous there.
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>> geraldo: good advise. thank you very much from the extreme weather center. severe weather in west tennessee this morning also hampered the search for 20-year-old holly bobo. the pretty nursing student last seen wednesday being led into the woods near her home. >> holly, i love you so much. please try to get home to us. and if anything knows anything about her, please, please help us find her. >> it might have been somebody close, somebody that kind of knew our routine, when i left, when she left or when my daughter left to go to school is what i have got in my mind. >> geraldo: a lot of conflicting information about the disturbing case. craig is on the scene with the crime time in prime time alert. craig? >> it was around 7:30 wednesday morning when neighbors heard screams coming from this home along with country road in parsons tennessee.
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who will by bobo's brother told police that he saw a man in camouflage dragging his 20-year-old sister into the wooded area behind their home. >> she was not taken from inside the home. she was outside. she was not forcefully dragged as dragging on the ground. just like any other victim, maybe complying with their attacker. >> according to the tennessee bureau of investigators agent special agent in charge the missing 20-year-old nursing student was taken by the arm and unwillingly led into the woods. >> why didn't holly's brother intervene? >> her brother did what he thought was right and had reasons to do what he did and what he did and he immediately contacted 911. >> holly's brother thought the attacker was holly's boyfriend until he went outside and notice blood. that is when called 911. >> the boyfriend is not a suspect. the burglar is not a suspect --
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the brother is not a suspect. there is no person of interest at this time. >> four days into the investigation, and hundreds of volunteers are still showing up anxious to help. decatur county sheriff. >> everybody is devastated because these things doesn't happen in our county, a county of less than 12,000 population. you know, you always hear about these things but we would never dream that it would come to our area. >> and has everyone been cooperative, the family and friends and neighbors? >> yes, sir,, we had an outpouring of support that is almost unbelievable. we have had citizens from this county that has been there from day one doing anything they could. >> geraldo, volunteers from in and around parsons, tennessee, the rural community where holly bobo disappeared from are forming a grid pattern and going to search through this field, this rural field to look for any kind of clues for the
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missing young lady. >> have you been out searching much or been out every -- >> for the past three days, yes. this is really hard because i mean she was a sweet girl and you don't expect something like this to happen in a small town. >> does it scare you? >> yes. >> she was about 5 -- he was about 5'10" to 6-foot tall. 180 to 200-pounds. we expanded searches and did searches in every foot of that area out there and it has resulted in zero now. >> nothing, youngsters you have no clue is -- are you have no clues and no indications on what happened to her. in. >> no, sir,, not that the time. >> deeply disturbing story, craig. you were there at the command center in parsons, tennessee, with searchers and friends. are they losing hope? is this becoming more of a recovery effort than, you know,
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a finding her effort? >> geraldo, well, we were just briefed by the tbi, the tennessee bureau of investigations and they told us this is very much a rescue effort and not a recovery effort. as you can see by the hundreds of volunteers who came out tonight, this is the command center in parsonsion tennessee, they are ready, willing and able to go into the hallel lengthing terrain to look for their -- challenging terrain and a look for their friend and hopefully bring her back alive to their family. this is the man coordinating the search efforts. tell me about the response that you have had here? >> as you can see the number of people and your audience can't see the same amount of number behind the cameras. we are estimating 1200 a day a, nonstop, they are coming out in full force. >> and going out in into the terrain. coming back all muddies up to their chest. the henderson county sheriff's
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office is also here and other enforcement agents. volunteering your own time? >> we are here to lent support and resources to 14 sheriff wyt and all of the other agencies involved in the search for holly. >> what is it like for you? >> emotional and stressful but rewarding to see the people who have come out and all the agencies involved who is come out to assist. >> four days now. are are you discouraged? >> not at all. as longueurs we have this support it keeps -- as long as we have that kind of support it keeps morale up. >> a lot of friends and family still searching for her and keeping hopes alive. >> i want to talk more with folks there with you at the bottom of the hour. what was it like for the officer standing alongside when they found her lunch box? >> geraldo is asking what was it like when you found the evidence that lunch box prebee longing to holly? >> the agent addressing the actual part of the investigation.
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we are here for the people and thank them for what they are doing. highway patrol is playing an active role and we are getting with the crowd and taking ten out at a time and trying to get the search effort. >> they were excited and they have emm emma nateed the search area from where they found the lunch box and moved out from there. >> geraldo: declared or not, we are debating the chances the impact of the tea party candidate. another air traffic controller caught taking a nap on the job. we follow a brave young lady, a novice reporter who right now is behind qaddafi's lines in libya. reality showormer reality hoe contestant now shooting guns? more, after this. hey susie, why don't you use this ?
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you're just my type! [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] swiffer gives cleaning a whole new meaning. >> geraldo: back live. it has happened again. early this morning for the fifth time in less than a month, another air traffic
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controller caught sleeping on the job. this time at a busy regional radar facility that handles high alisy altitude air traffir most of florida and the caribbean sea. it is forcing the f.a.a. to acknowledge that there is widespread problem with controller fatigue. and to promise different rules within 72 who ares. >> it is obvious that some action has to be taken. it is still miss serious as to what the f.a.a. is contemplating doing. i would like to say right up front, though, that had this not come to the attention of the public through the incident that happened at washington regan a couple of weeks ago, the f.a.a. in all likelihood wouldn't be doing anything at this point in time. it has been my experience that most of the time the only time they ever even act like they
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are interested in corrective action for safety issues is when the public report media become aware of it. >> geraldo: we are definitely aware of it now. let me ask the pilot and former member of the national air traffic controller association, robert mark. robert, thank you, too, for being on the program. if this was wartime and a century who fell asleep, he would be shot. we don't advocate that kind of draconian punishment for are air traffic controllers. the pay is $170,000 a year extra, all taxpayer funded or is the solution alarm clocks when a plane signals one of the small airports that it wants to land and the air traffic controller is sleeping? >> first of all, another controller isn't necessarily going to fix the problem. you could end up with two sleepy controllers. what i found in the research is
10:17 pm
that it is the work schedules they use at f.a.a. in air traffic control facilities that are absolutely fatigue inducing. but they are not new. i mean as gabe said just a minute ago, this has been going on for a very, very long time. and the research on what fatigue, you know appreciation deuce -- or what the fatigue producers are is not new but the f.a.a. has only recently acknowledged that. but as far as the money goes, you know, i think if you do the research you will find that there are some that make $170,000, but not most of them. >> geraldo: let me ask gabe. as they say, gabe, that flying commercially it is safer than riding an escalator. if that is true, are we making a mountain out of a moehill here? >> it is easy to make the statement statistically that flying is a very safe form of transportation. but just because we didn't have an a accident today or the day before doesn't mean that the
10:18 pm
system itself is safe. there is a lot of things that go into the margin of safety that we talk about to make sure that we didn't get to the point where an accident happens. >> geraldo: back to robert. shouldn't we fire controllers who fall asleep? why suspend them and then in a week or two the scandal is blown over. i don't want the controller sleeping when i'm in the here, particularly with my family. >> you can't blame it all on f.a.a. management and you can't blame it all on the controllers either. it is two fold. the schedules that we have been talking about that produce fatigue have been in place for decades and part of the reason is the controllers like them and it givings them the most time off. in might not be the safest. but the f.a.a. until recently said we are not going to fix what isn't broken. >> geraldo: just 24 years old, ladies and gentlemen and she is behind qaddafi's lines in libya.
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>> geraldo: just a day after a human rights group accused forces loyal to muammar qaddafi of using cluster bombs against libyan children rebels say he is, once again, targeting civilians in the embattled city of misrata. david lee miller are say there's is also action in qaddafi's capital of tripoli. how are you doing, david lee? i know you had some antiaircraft fire this evening and i know also that you had some explosions. tell us what is going on there? >> that's right, geraldo. there was a little bit of excitement in the capital tripoli.
10:23 pm
a little after dusk we notice the sound of nato aircraft. youngsters you have to remember there is a no fly zone in place so the sound of aircraft is noticeable and then we heard what sounded like explosions on the outskirts of the city followed by what appeared to be round after round after round of antiaircraft fire. and then here in the capital, a news conference was held by a major general and he was asked by reporters to what extent if any the nato air strikes are make an impact on libyan forces. incredibly he said he didn't know. this major general told reporters that we would have to ask someone of a higher rank. and then speaking through appearance interpreter he said that reports that libyan armed forces were using cluster bombs were simply not true. he said that this country is a signator to a treati treaty ths the use of cluster bombs and it
10:24 pm
was honoring that pledge. lastly a few days ago we took a walk through downtown tripoli and for the most part it looked like day-to-day life here is going on as usual. most people going about their business without any regard to the conflict that is taking place in the rest of the country. what we saw as we were accompanied by representatives from the ministry of information were stores that appeared to be very well stocked and again, for the most part business as usual. very quickly, i will say there is an underground movement here that wants to resist qaddafi and what we are hearing from them is that they are waiting for the right time and the right opportunity for their voices to be heard. geraldo? >> geraldo: david lee, stand by there. i want very much to set something up for the folks. put the maps up here, mike, if you would. in dramatic contrast to the incompetentence and even the
10:25 pm
cowardiice i saw in forces in eastern libya be here between benghazi the rebel strongholded and brega the courage and resolve here in the city the embattled city of misrata, people surrounded by qaddafi's army. they are hungry, they are afraid. the only way they are receiving food and supplies is from the sea in a flotilla of rickety ships that run the gauntlet of being exposed to danger from qaddafi's artillery and the rest of it. a 24-year-old free lance journalist named sarah lynch made this perilous trip. i want to show you after the break sarah's report. can you tell me whether you have seen or heard hide nor
10:26 pm
hare of home qaddafi in tripoli? >> last week we were taken to his compound and i did come eye to eye with home qaddafi. he was with the south african president who was trying to come up with what was a failed effort to make peace with the rebels. he got into a vehicle and then stood up through the sun roof and waved at the crowd and then drove off but he did not answer any questions. geraldo? >> geraldo: david lee, you stay safe wonder if you gave him the high sign and tell him you are from fox news. i want to show you the report from the young journalist. we report, you decide. don't go away, folks. an action packed second half of the program beginning in libya and then going on to wisconsin and beyond, after this. [ male announcer ] the network.
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this is a fox news weather alert. i'm marianne rafferty in new york. the death toll rising from violent storms ripping through our nation for a third day. at least three people reported dead, two dozen injured in wake county, north carolina. 200,000 homes and businesses also without power tonight and the search and rescue operation is now underway in parts of the state to look for more are victims. devastating damage left by twisters in raleigh and in south carolina, a tornado collapsed a church roof. six people were inside but they all got out safely. 17 people in four other states
10:31 pm
killed by the same storm system that began thursday in the midwest and then headed east. in mississippi, a powerful tornado crushing the town of leaksville last night. one woman killed there. the national weather service receiving reports of 95 tornadoes on friday alone. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "geraldo at large." for your latest headlines, log on to fox news .com. >> geraldo: back live. because i'm so impressed by her courage i want to go right now to sarah lynch, this 24-year-old free lance reporter who actually went and is right now behind qaddafi's lines in the besieged city of misurata libya. here is her report on how she got here. >> rebel fighters boarded a fishing vessel on thursday to begin the trip. packed with humanitarian aid and piles of weapons, the boat set sail with more than 30 men on board.
10:32 pm
people are dying says what lead. they need food and help and they are suffering. this rebel's hometown has been backing basic needs. he boarded this vessel to do what he ask to help his comrades in misurata. sharing the waters with ships under nato command. >> there is a nato ship nine nautical miles from where they are now. 18 ships in total patrolling the seas between benghazi and misurata. the rebels set up their own means of defense against possible attacks. an antiaircraft gun they welded to the boat. >> so shoot in the air. >> as the sun slowly falls over the mediterranean sea, our sleeping quarters reveal other
10:33 pm
weapons. as you can see there isn't a lot of room for our bags. they stockpiled weapons on board they will be giving the fighters once we get there. >> after night fall we slowly approach the port. the lights in the boat are turned off. the mood is tense as we slowly creep closer and when we dock we see evidence of attacks that happened the day before. >> this is another one from just ahead. >> we drive down a line road lined with containers and flames. >> this container was full of shoes and this was full of. >> but seeing these fires would be just one of our worries as we head deeper into the city of misurata. reporting from libya, this is sara lynch for "geraldo at large." >> geraldo: sarah will have another report from inside misurata tos tomorrow and theni want her to get out of there. craig is in tennessee surround
10:34 pm
by holly bobo's friends and neighbors searching for the young lady missing for days. is there hope or is there despair that they have not found her? and the other one is what is their theory? do they think this is someone known to the family. it can't be a strange abduction. they live really not middle of some where. had to be someone that knew where she he lived and knew the family's routine, craig. >> right, geraldo. geraldo is asking do you have fears about who the person is? it is a very good chance that the person who abducted holly knew her. what are your feelings. >> i don't know. we don't know who took her but we just want her back. we want god to bring her back and we know she is coming back alive. we believe that. >> how is the family doing right now? >> it is a difficult situation but they are strong. we are going to work through it and god is going to bring her home safely.
10:35 pm
we know that. >> you live just a mile from where the bobos live. a mile is a next door neighborrer in this community. houses ever spread out. are you in fear at all? >> jesus is taking care of me. >> tell me about the family and how o are they doing holding up? >> they are strong and they are doing a lot of praying and god is going to bring holly back home safe to us. >> tell me about the search efforts. it has been four days now, a lot could happen in that time? do you fear for her safety? >> i do fear for her safety. god is going to take care of her. i know that. he is going to take care of her and she is going to be okay. >> there could be discouraging times, of course, when there is not much evidence coming up. i know you all have worked so hard going into the thickest brush, scouring this whole community.
10:36 pm
are you discouraged at all. in. >> no, holly is coming home safe and we know that. we believe that. we have to believe that. it is the only way to get us through this. >> and i'm sure that you all have done a great job searching for her. how do you feel things are going right now? >> it is difficult but like i said, she is coming back. >> she's coming back. >> she's coming back. god's with her. >> geraldo, hope is alive here in parsons, tennessee. >> hopefully their prayers will be answered. thanks, greg. >> making her first for ray back to the political stage since being accused of criticizing oh opponents of blood libel, today, sarah palin made up for lost time, speaking at a tea party rally. blasted both the republican establishment and president barack obama and she wasn't the only tea party favorite marking tax day.
10:37 pm
are here is our molly henneberg. >> donald trump one of the potential 2012 tea party candidates spoke to a tea party candidate in afternoon. >> the united states has become the laughingstock in a whipping post for the rest of the world. whether we like it or not and we don't like it. the world is laughing at us, they are laughing at our leaders, they are taking advantage of us and it is a disgrace. >> he told the crowd that the country needs a leader who is a good negotiator, good at making deals including international deals so that the u.s. then has money to invest in infrastructure ander who domestic needs. and trump said that he is a successful businessman who has shown that he has those kills. >> i have beaten many people and companies and i have won many wars. i fairly but intelligently earned many, many billions of dollars and if i run you will see that because i really look
10:38 pm
forward to disclosing my financials. i built a great, great company. >> another possible 2012 gop contender, sarah palin addressed a tea party rally in madison, wisconsin, today and criticized president obama for his federal spending including the 2009, $787 billion stimulus plan which she suggested helped galvanize the tea party two years ago candidate obama promised that he be fiscally responsible and promised to cut the deficit in half but president obama tripleleled it and then he brags about the jobs he created in congressional districts that don't even exist. that's right. on this white house, you lie. the only thing that trillion dollars travesty stimulated was a debt crisis and a tea party. >> there are tea party rallies this tax weekend all over the
10:39 pm
country. today and yesterday, including key primary states such as iowa and new hampshire. they are rallying for smaller government and lower taxes. former minnesota governor tim pawlenty who has been actively courting tea party members spoke at a tea party event in iowa today and in two of them yesterday in massachusetts and new hampshire. former massachusetts governor mitt romney addressed the tea party crowd in florida yesterday. and former are mississippi governor hailey barbour spoke in the key primary state of south carolina today, not at a tea party rally but at a gop event. geraldo. >> geraldo: which candidate if either is better positioned to get tea party support and which has the better plan tore cutting the deficit? let's ask david webb cofounder of tea party 365. ike brannon. there he is. and in milwaukee, john fund who was one of the speakers today at the wisconsin tea party rally. john, begin with you because you were there on this dark and
10:40 pm
stormy day in madison. who had the bigger noisier turnout? was it the tea party or prounion supporters that surrounded this them? >> i think it was probably about 6,000 tea partyers and maybe a couple thousand prounion protesters. both sides were yelling but he think the tea party speakers were heard. >> geraldo: and how did sarah palin fare in the crowd? >> she was very forceful. she was very animated. most interestingly, she went after the republican congressional leaders for their recent spending deal saying it was not an act of courage, it was an act of capitulation. i think she will be involved in the political process but i don't see signals that she is running for president in 2012. >> geraldo: in that regard, do you think that michele bachmann who was just on jeanine piro's show earlier this evening, stole sara's thunder?
10:41 pm
>> i don't know if anybody could say why sarah palin pulled back. she had her book and her show and did different things. i think of it as a business model she went on with that side and michele bachmann took advantage because that is what you do as a politician and moved into the spot. the force here about sarah palin whether you any one agrees or disagrees with her is she has brought the conversation to the front by not being politically correct and she lets -- she gets people to come out and say what they want rather than just what they should. >> geraldo: in that regard, though, david, being politically incorrect did not work following the assassination attempt on gabrielle giffords. she seemed to make it about herself saying they were committing the blood libel. i said i thought it would affect her chances on the national stage and i think it has. >> i was here when you said that. i wouldn't have chosen that because intellectually you and i might look at it for what it is. the left wing media are going
10:42 pm
to attack her for that. what i will say about the whole what is going on now, we have president obama last week with his fiscal policy speech. i call it his first campaign speech. that is going to launch all of those that want to run against him into a frenzy of activity. how do we counter. how do 2003 deal with this. and by the way, sarah palin does have a good point. the 38.5 billion that was supposedly saved was money that was authorized but never spent. that is like having a $10,000 credit card but you didn't spend it so what did you save and it took us $27 billion in borrowing to get to to point. >> ike, coming to you right after the commercial break. central to the appeal is a vision of a debt free nation that doesn't spend more than it makes. as that method sinks in we will debate the competing visions on how we get there, after this. e, or these nasal allergies. i know what works differently than ny other allergy medications. omnas. omnaris. to the nose!
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,. we face a serious debt crisis soon than any one expects. what we need to avert a debt crisis a real leadership and specific solutions not campaign style political attacks. unfortunately, the president failed to put a serious proposal on the table. he says he wants to use a scalpel. as a physician, when it comes to waste and cup mycation at the federal government level we don't need a scalpel, we need a
10:47 pm
chainsaw. >> one plan aims to reduce the deficit by $4 trillion the next ten years. while i think the goal is worthy i believe their vision is wrong for nort america. to restore fiscal responsibility we all need to share in the sacrifice but we don't have to sacrifice the america we believe in. i call on democrats and republicans to join me in the effort to put aside their differences to help america meet this challenge. >> geraldo: as the said of the top of this tacked there is no doubt that the tea party is setting the deficit cutting agenda. t means eliminating or cutting back popular programs. tenning with david webb and john fonda and ike. i want to go to you, ike. whose plan is right? is it the obama plan or paul ryan's plan? >> i think obviously to it is the paul ryan plan is the plan out there. to suggest this a minor problem and we need to take a scalpel is unrealistic.
10:48 pm
obama is going wait for the republicans to start producing some specific recommendations on how they are going to cut entitlements and they will demagogue against them. >> they passed the ryan budget in the congress of the united states. now, the democrats have a target and it seems to me they are doing a good job of whacking that pinata, particularly when talking about block grants that cut effectively, medicaid, medicare and social security benefits. it is going to be difficult to have the political courage, the wherewithal to sell that program. >> what tom coburn is trying to do is courageous. he has angered a lot of conservatives by suggesting that we ought to get rid of some tax expenditures that would effectively increase some of the taxes paid by the upper income americans. i think we have med -- tom coburn has met the president halfway. he is daring the president to be statesman like and try to
10:49 pm
meet him. >> geraldo: are you saying that he is for my millionaire's tax that he would actually allow the tax, the bush tax cuts for people making a million dollars a year or more to lapse. in. >> that is not right at all. what he has said is that certain tax expenditures like mortgage tax deduckses and state and local taxes he is willing to let some of those taxes be rolled back and a lot of people on the rightcy accused him of supporting tax increases. he said i'm willing to in order to keep the top rates low i'm willing to get rid of certain tax expenditures and wasteful tax breaks to rich people if that is what it takes to get the president to agree to cut entitlements. right now the president indicated all he is going to do is demagogue. >> geraldo: is there any way on god's green earth to balance the budget and reduce the deficit which meanie means youo get a surplus without raising
10:50 pm
taxes on somebody? >> i think you have to restructure federal programs that have been around for 50 or 60 or 75 years to update them to the 21st century. mindless taxing -- look, geraldo, the real problem is right now you have two political parties that will argue and bicker the next 18 months and i think we don't have that much time. i think we are only two or three years away from a debt crisis similar to what portugal and greece and ireland have gone through and i think we need the american people to rise up and say the time to act is now. let's not wait until the 2012 election. >> geraldo: i got to go, john and david and ike. they will rise up but when it many coulds to cuting that is very specific. my next guest has become a familiar face for all of the wrong reasons but is on the comeback trail. rachel uchitel, private eye, after this.
10:51 pm
this is the neighborhood. you get elm street and you get main street. thank you. and that just the first quarter. so you want a slide in your office ? or monkey bars, either one. more small businesses choose verizon wireless than any other wireless carrier. where's susie ? is she expecting you ? because they know the small business with the best technology rules.
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i can't even begin to explain what it is like when the person you just slept in bed with last night and the person you lived with for four years was that high in the sky and fell to their death and was trapped underneath the rubble right there before -- i can't explain that to anybody. >> geraldo: the reality and real life soap opera star is changing everything about her life. she was talking about lose are her fiancee on 9/11. she is going to scandal and tabloids. rachel soon to be a private investigator. you really mean it. >> of course, i mean it. >> and going to go after
10:55 pm
cheating spouses. that is mostly what they do. in. >> that is not what i'm interested in in. i'm interested in the real teal, find people that are missing, working for people that need them in finding or locating somebody that they are looking for. >> during our mutual time at cnbc you volunteered to search for shaundra levi the missing intern in d.c. so you had this investigative impulse for a long time. >> i have been so interested in stuff like this since i was a child and i think after being on celebrity rehab i broke through a lot of barriers and gave me the chance to find the strength and courage to go after things that really made me happy. to take a job that i got out of bed and i said i love what i do and i'm happy to do it and that is where i am now. >> geraldo: will you wear disguises? >> i have so far. >> geraldo: you have already done it? >> yeah. >> geraldo: are you licensed
10:56 pm
already? >> you have to work for 6,000 hours. i have taken all of classes that i need to take. >> geraldo: what guise did you assume? >> i have done a couple and i can't really go into some in case i want to use them again. i have done funny things involving wigs and different outfits. it has been fun. >> geraldo: did you get close to the john report source report perp. >> i have done it a couple of times. it has been so much fun. i feel like i'm a kid when i'm doing it and i don't realize how dangerous it can actually be. i really do enjoy it. but it is serious stuff. i haven't looked once for a cheating spouse at all. it is where i'm looking for real perps. >> geraldo: and guns? >> i got my license to shoot a gun. i don't carry a gun yet in the state of new york but i'm licensed to carry a gun in california. >> geraldo: so you are excited about being essentially a private person after all of the note ryety and publicity?
10:57 pm
>> absolutely. i have been through a lot of. a series of what i call mini marriages in my life. i have gone through so many different things and really looking to do something that makes me happy but really helps people. people have an idea of me or who i am and where i came from and all of that has been very disappointing to me and i take it very seriously to make sure that i am giving back and doing the right thing to help other people. >> geraldo: she is rachel uchitel. puma p.i. shares a hair dresser with my wife. i wish you great success. do i, really. good luck to you. you have spunk and i hope it works out for you. folks, that is it for us. check us out on the various social media. until tomorrow, thanks for captioned by closed captioning services, inc.
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